How To Track My Husband Car Without Him Knowing

How To Track My Husband Car Without Him Knowing

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Tracking Your Husband's Car Without Him Knowing: A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you worried that your husband is cheating and want to track his car without him knowing?

Don’t worry, It’s a lot easier than you think it is. There’s a discreet, affordable way to track his exact location - and he’ll NEVER suspect a thing…

In this article, we’ll show you:

  • How to track your husband’s location without him knowing
  • A step-by-step guide for tracking his current and historical location
  • A simple, affordable device with accurate GPS tracking
  • A detailed comparison of the most popular tracking devices
  • Alternative methods of tracking your husband’s location
  • Legal guidance on tracking your spouse’s whereabouts

Ready to discover the truth? It’s time to find out if he’s really “working late” or not.

The Best Ways to Track Your Husband’s Location Discreetly

If you suspect your husband is having an affair, the only way of gaining peace of mind is to find out for sure. Don’t ask him directly: he’ll never tell the truth.

Instead, get to the bottom of things on your own.

The best way to track his whereabouts is by using a discreet GPS tracking device that you can attach to his car and then use your phone to see his location. All you have to do is hide the device discreetly under the vehicle (or inside) and you’ll be able to see exactly where he is in real time. These GPS trackers come with easy-to-use phone apps for showing his current and historical location. They’ll even alert you when he’s moving or has left a certain location (for example, his workplace).

If he says he’s at work when his location shows elsewhere, you’ve got him.

That’s why we created SpaceHawk GPS. Our tracker uses the world’s most accurate global positioning network to show you where your husband is at all times from a simple phone app you can set up in minutes.

Why SpaceHawk GPS?

Why SpaceHawk GPS?

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When it comes to secretly tracking your husband's vehicle, you need a discreet and reliable solution.

The good news is, SpaceHawk is the first hidden spouse GPS designed to help you catch your cheating husband. This magnetic GPS tracker offers live GPS tracking, accurate location data, and is easy to hide in your spouse's car!

In fact, security experts say it is the ideal tool for discovering the truth about your partner's whereabouts. Why? Because for less than $19.95 for a data plan, you can be your own private investigator with this powerful GPS spouse tracker.

SpaceHawk GPS
SpaceHawk GPS Review

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Aside from a GPS tracker, there here are a few other ways to track your husband’s car secretly:

  • Phone Apps: If you have access to his phone, install a tracking app like “Find My iPhone” or a similar app from another device. Life360 and mSpy are two of the most popular phone tracking apps you can download. The only issue here is that you actually need to have access to his phone. And if you do, you can probably find out if he’s cheating just from his messages! If you have a spare phone, you could install the app on that phone and hide it in the trunk.
  • Hire a Private Investigator: This is the old school way of tracking your husband’s location. A private investigator will follow your spouse around all day, taking notes of his whereabouts and relaying the information. They can be very expensive though. Some private detectives charge $100 per hour or more.
  • Apple Air Tags: Air Tags were invented to help you find missing items like your keys or a wallet, but they can also be used to track a car (within a certain radius). All you’ll have to do is leave one in his vehicle somewhere and then use the “Find my App” application on your phone. The major issue is that Air Tags were invented for in-home use, so the radius is very tiny. You’ll have to be near him at all times. They’re not ideal!
  • Bluetooth Trackers: Bluetooth trackers are small devices used to locate items within a short range, typically up to 300 feet. These trackers can be attached to car keys or discreetly placed in a vehicle. However, Bluetooth trackers have some limitations. Their range is restricted compared to GPS trackers, making them less effective for long-distance real-time tracking. They also rely on proximity to the tracker's Bluetooth signal, which can be a drawback if the vehicle is moved out of range.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking Your Husband's Car With Him Knowing

Now that you know the best ways to track your husband’s location, we’re going to walk you step-by-step through how to do it the right way. Remember, if you get this wrong, you run the risk of blowing your cover and alerting him to your suspicions. At the very least, doing things the right way will help you catch him on the first try and give you that peace of mind you deserve.

Here’s how to track his location without getting caught:

  1. Purchase the SpaceHawk Hidden GPS Tracker: We recommend purchasing our equipment from our official website. If you prefer in-person shopping, check a local electronics or spy equipment store. You can usually find our most popular products at Wal-Mart. You could have our GPS tracker in as little as a few hours by picking it up in person.
  2. Activate The GPS Tracker: First, you’ll need to choose your data plan from our website. This ensures your device is connected to the GPS system and can send real time updates at all times. You’ll also be able to set a “GeoFence” to catch him if he ever leaves a certain area. With our GeoFence feature, you can choose a specific geographic location - such as your town or his work area - and if he leaves that area, you’ll be notified. Let’s see if he’s really “staying at work late” or if it’s something more sinister.
  3. Locate a Hiding Spot: Now, your job is to hide your GPS car tracker somewhere hubby is never going to find it. Chances are, he won’t look at the undercarriage any time soon, so that’s a great place to start. Don’t worry, it’s waterproof! You could hide it under the passenger seat, but he’s more likely to find it there than under the car. We don’t recommend anywhere on the dashboard or in the glove compartment. That’s too obvious.
  4. Track His Location From Our App: Download our app from the Google Play or Apple App store and fire it up. That’s really it! Our app will display his current location as well as his historical location right from your phone.
  5. Keep Track And Take Notes: Make sure to keep an eye on specific places he visits frequently and make sure his words match his actions. If he says he’s working late but is always in a different location, you know something is up. Also, set up a GeoFence, so you’re notified whenever he leaves work or other places he hangs out frequently.
Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking Your Husband's Car With Him Knowing


There are plenty of other GPS tracking devices and phone apps for tracking your husband’s car, each one with unique advantages and drawbacks.

  • Tile Mate: This versatile Bluetooth tracker attaches to keys, bags, or cars. The unique selling point is its community find feature, which uses other Tile users to help locate lost items even outside Bluetooth range​​.
  • Bouncie: Bouncie is a GPS car tracker offering real-time location updates, driving history, and vehicle diagnostics. The unique selling point is its detailed driving insights and vehicle health monitoring, ideal for comprehensive tracking​.
  • Spytec GL300: A compact GPS tracker with geofencing and speed alerts. The unique selling point is its long battery life and detailed tracking reports, making it suitable for discreet monitoring over extended periods​​.
  • Samsung SmartThings Tracker: This LTE-based tracker offers real-time location updates and geofencing. This Samsung tracker integrates with other devices within the SmartThings ecosystem, allowing for automation and smart home interactions​.
  • Familonet: A family location app that provides real-time tracking, group messaging, and check-in alerts. We love this app for its focus on family safety and communication, which ensures all members stay connected and informed​​.

8 Benefits of Secretly Tracking Your Husband's Car

Tracking your husband’s car location can help confirm or dismiss suspicions of infidelity.

This method can offer clarity and potentially save you from emotional stress. However, it’s crucial to approach this situation with caution and consider the potential consequences on your relationship. Trust and communication are key in any partnership, so ensure you’re prepared for the outcome of your findings.

With that being said, here are the 8 benefits of tracking your husband’s car location at all times:

  1. Gain peace of mind: Track your husband's car to confirm or dispel suspicions, helping you make informed decisions.
  2. Stay discreet: Monitor his movements covertly with GPS tracking, keeping your investigation hidden from him. If he ever finds out you’re tracking him, it could have serious consequences for your relationship. Keep it on the low!
  3. Save money and privacy: Avoid the costs of hiring a private detective by using a GPS car tracker. Some “private eyes” can cost hundreds of dollars a day or more.
  4. Access real-time data: Real time GPS tracking offers live location updates, providing accurate and timely information. This prevents him from using any excuses and gives you the best chance of catching him in the act.
  5. Easy setup and use: Install and operate GPS tracking devices effortlessly, giving you control without outside help. Some apps take hours to get the hang of. SpaceHawk is ready to go in minutes.
  6. Make informed decisions: Know his whereabouts to decide on confronting him, seeking counseling, or taking other steps. Just acting on a hunch is never a good idea. It could have serious consequences on your relationship and even affect divorce proceedings.
  7. Regain control: Reclaim your life by tracking his car, facing issues head-on, and moving forward with confidence.
  8. Uncover the truth: Discover the reality of your relationship, enabling you to make the best choices for your future.

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8 Expert Opinions On Handling A Cheating Spouse

When faced with the discovery of a cheating husband, it's essential to approach the situation calmly and with expert guidance. Here are three expert opinions on how to handle a cheating spouse:

Dr. Jane Adams, a New York-based psychologist and author, suggests confronting the cheating partner with clear evidence and without anger or blame. She emphasizes the importance of open communication and understanding each other's perspectives.

Dr. Shirley Glass, a renowned marriage and family therapist from Baltimore, Maryland, advises seeking couples therapy to address the underlying issues in the relationship. She believes that addressing these issues may lead to a stronger bond and a renewed commitment to the marriage.

Private investigator and author Thomas G. Martin, based in Orange County, California, encourages collecting all relevant information before making any decisions. He cautions against acting impulsively and recommends seeking legal advice if necessary.

8 Expert Opinions On Handling A Cheating Spouse

Legal Implications of Tracking Without Consent

Can I face legal consequences for tracking my spouse’s car without their knowledge?

Yes, you can face legal consequences for tracking your spouse's car without their knowledge. Laws vary significantly based on where you live, so always seek legal advice before placing any GPS tracking devices on your husband’s car.

In many places, tracking someone without their consent infringes on their privacy rights. This invasion of privacy can lead to legal repercussions, including potential criminal charges or a civil lawsuit.

It’s important to research and understand the laws in your jurisdiction before considering the use of a GPS tracker.

This approach not only supports a healthier relationship but also ensures you stay on the right side of the law. If trust issues persist, consider seeking professional advice or counseling together.

Remember, transparency and trust form the foundation of a strong relationship. Prioritize your relationship’s integrity and ensure you respect each other’s privacy and legal rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to track my spouse's car with a GPS device?

Yes, but legality varies depending on your jurisdiction. In some areas, using a GPS spouse tracker without consent may be illegal, resulting in legal consequences. Before installing a car GPS tracker, consult local laws and consider open communication with your spouse.

Can I track my husband's vehicle without him knowing using a GPS tracker?

Yes, you can discreetly track your husband's vehicle with hidden GPS trackers. Select a portable GPS tracker that's easy to hide, such as a magnetic GPS tracker or a mini GPS tracker. However, be mindful of legal and ethical implications before proceeding.

What are some recommended GPS tracking devices to catch a cheating spouse?

Top GPS tracking devices for catching a cheating spouse include SpaceHawk, Vyncs GPS Tracker, SpyTec GL300, and Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7. These devices offer live GPS tracking, enabling you to monitor your spouse's car discreetly and effectively.

Can phone tracker apps help me track my cheating spouse's location?

Yes, phone tracker apps like Find My Friends and Life360 can help you track your cheating spouse's location. However, you'll need access to their phone to install the app and enable location permissions. Be aware that using a phone tracker without consent might violate privacy laws and harm trust in your relationship.

How can I track my spouse's car without touching their phone?

By using a GPS vehicle tracker, you can monitor your spouse's car without accessing their phone. Simply install the tracker on their vehicle and monitor their location through a corresponding app or tracking platform.

What should I do if I suspect my partner is cheating, but I'm unsure about using GPS trackers or spy equipment?

Experts recommend open communication, professional guidance, and self-reflection as healthier alternatives to using GPS trackers or spy equipment. Talk openly with your partner about your concerns, consider couples therapy, and prioritize your personal needs to make informed decisions about your relationship's future.

Final Thoughts - Prioritizing Trust and Open Communication

In wrapping up this discussion, it's crucial to underline the significance of trust and open communication in a relationship. A strong and healthy partnership thrives on mutual respect and transparency between partners. Instead of resorting to secret tracking, consider addressing your concerns directly with your husband. Effective communication can often resolve doubts and strengthen your bond.

If you're facing challenges in your relationship, remember, professional help is available. Relationship counseling and therapy are valuable resources that can guide you and your partner toward a more fulfilling connection. These professionals specialize in helping couples navigate through tough times, ensuring both of you feel heard and understood.

Encourage honesty in your relationship and strive to build a foundation of trust. In doing so, you create a secure environment where both partners feel valued and respected. Remember, a successful relationship is a partnership where both individuals work together, fostering love and trust every day.

Don't hesitate to reach out to relationship experts or counselors if you find yourselves in a rough patch. Their expertise can be instrumental in helping you both navigate through your issues, providing strategies to strengthen your bond. Prioritize your relationship's health and work together to create a connection that stands the test of time.

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