Secretly Track A Car

Secretly Track A Car

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How To Secretly Track A Car: A Comprehensive Guide To Covert Car Tracking

Did you know that you can use a GPS tracker to find out if teen drivers are speeding, employees are misusing company vehicles, or spouses are cheating? That's right! Hidden tracking devices are allowing everyone to be their own private investigators to find out the truth. In this article, we will discuss tracking devices for cars and how you can secretly track a car using GPS technology in 5 easy steps! Let's break it all down for you!

Secretly Track A Car

5 Easy Steps For Tracking A Car Without Them Knowing

Choose A Live GPS Tracking Device

Before you can begin secretly tracking someone's car you first need a hidden GPS tracking device. But with so many tracker devices to choose from, which one is best suited to secretly track any car? The answer is SpaceHawk! 


Live GPS Tracking Device

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SpaceHawk is the first realtime tracking spouse GPS that will help you find out the the truth. Let the facts do the talking with this powerful mini GPS tracker. Unlike other location trackers, SpaceHawk is wireless, waterproof, and engineered with a state-of-the-art magnetic mount. That means you can easily attach the vehicle tracking device under any car in seconds!

If you want to track a car without him knowing, discover if your son's car is going dangerously fast, or bust employees moonlighting in company vehicles, SpaceHawk is the real time GPS for you. Trust the law enforcement  professionals and security experts who all agree - SpaceHawk is the best mini portable GPS tracker for vehicles! 

Install The GPS Car Tracker

Install The GPS Car Tracker

Once you have the GPS vehicle tracker, you will need to install it on the car in a hidden location. We suggest tracking your car with a device that has a waterproof magnetic mount.

Activate The Vehicle GPS

Once the GPS locator is on the vehicle, you will need to activate it. This may involve creating an account with the manufacturer and subscribing to a tracking service.

Activate The Vehicle GPS

Track Your Vehicle

With the car tracking device activated, you will be able to monitor the exact location of your vehicle in real-time using a free mobile app. You may also be able to set up geofencing and receive alerts if the vehicle enters or exits a certain area.

Track Your Vehicle

Discover The Truth

With the cold hard evidence about the vehicle's location, you can now bust a cheating spouse, problem employee, or reckless teen driver!

    How Can I Hide A GPS Tracker On A Vehicle?

    If you're looking to hide a GPS tracker on a vehicle, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the type of tracking device you'll be using. There are many different types of GPS trackers available, such as truck GPS solutions and GPS fleet tracking systems. You will want to look for a device that is small and discreet, that way it can easily be hidden on the vehicle you want to secretly track!

    Once you have a GPS tracker, you'll need to find a good hiding spot. Some popular locations include inside the engine compartment, in the trunk, or under the vehicle. You can also consider using a hidden camera to monitor the vehicle's surroundings, in addition to the GPS tracker.

    *Please see the photo below for best places where to hide a GPS tracker on a car

    When installing the GPS tracker, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. You may need to purchase sim cards for the device in order to enable real-time tracking. That way the tracker device can be used for theft recovery or asset tracking. 


    where to hide a GPS tracker on a car

    The 12 Best Devices For Secretly Tracking Someone's Car

    1. SpaceHawk GPS - Award-winning hidden GPS designed specifically for secretly tracking someone's car. For less than $100, you can be your own private investigator with this cheating spouse vehicle tracker. 
    2. Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker - A top-selling car GPS tracker featured on Amazon that is one of the most reviewed trackers for vehicles. 
    3. Americaloc GL300W GPS Tracker - A compact and easy-to-use personal GPS tracker that can be attached to the vehicle using a magnetic case.
    4. Bouncie GPS Tracker- A plug-and-play device that plugs into the OBD-II port of a car and provides real-time location tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and vehicle health monitoring. Bouncie GPS can be used as a fleet management solution for small businesses. 
    5. MOTOsafety GPS Tracker - A GPS tracking device that plugs into the OBD-II port of a car and provides real-time location tracking, geofencing, and email or text alerts. This device was designed to track driving habits of teen drivers. 
    6. Trak4 GPS Tracker - A durable GPS fleet tracking device that can be hard-wired to your asset for theft recovery applications. 
    7. Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Tracker - A realtime GPS tracking device that (with a waterproof case) can easily be attached on a vehicle.
    8. GPS Tracking Key By LandAirSea - The all-time best seller among GPS data loggers, this mini portable passive tracker requires no monthly subscription fee.
    9. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker - A compact and durable mini GPS tracker that is designed with a strong exterior magnetic mount. 
    10. Vyncs GPS Tracker - A plug-and-play device that plugs into the OBD-II port of a car and provides real-time location tracking, geofencing, and email or text alerts. It also includes driver behavior monitoring features.
    11. Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker - A small and discreet GPS tracker that can be attached to the vehicle using magnets.
    12. Tracki - The cheapest GPS vehicle tracker for tracking your car. This tracking system costs less than $20 and you can check price on Amazon for even more special offers.
    How To Secretly Track A Car

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is It Legal To Track Someone's Car Without Their Knowledge?

    Tracking someone's car without their knowledge can be a complicated legal issue, and it's important to consider the context and circumstances of the situation. If you're considering tracking your spouse's car, for example, you may want to think carefully about the potential legal consequences.

    In general, the legality of tracking someone's car without their knowledge depends on a number of factors, including where you live and the purpose of the tracking. In some cases, it may be illegal to track someone's car without their consent. In other cases, it may be legal to track a vehicle that is jointly owned or registered to the person doing the tracking.

    If you're considering tracking your spouse's car without their knowledge, you should seek legal advice to understand your rights. 

    How Accurate Is GPS Tracking For Cars?

    GPS tracking for cars is generally very accurate, with most GPS devices having a margin of error of only a few meters. This means that if you were to park your car in a parking lot and use a GPS device to track its exact location, the portable GPS would be able to provide a very precise location within a parking space! This is the reason why so many people use hidden GPS trackers for catching a cheating spouse

    The accuracy of GPS tracking can be affected by various factors, such as the quality of the vehicle tracker you are using, the strength of the GPS signal in the area where you are tracking, and the presence of obstacles like tall buildings or dense trees that can potentially block the GPS signal. However, even in challenging environments, modern real time GPS trackers are able to provide accurate location data with a high level of precision within about 6 feet. 

    Do All Car GPS Trackers Require A Monthly Fee?

    Yes, there is typically a monthly fee for tracking a car using a GPS device. The cost can vary depending on the type of device and features you need, such as how quickly the tracker updates. Providers may offer different pricing plans, discounts for long-term contracts, or charge per vehicle or asset tracked. Therefore, it is important to research and compare different options to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

    While there is a cost associated with GPS tracking, the benefits can be worth it, especially for businesses that need to track fleets of vehicles or assets. Real-time tracking and fleet monitoring can improve efficiency, safety, and asset protection, ultimately saving time and money in the long run. Individuals may also find car tracking useful for theft recovery or monitoring teen driving behavior.

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