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The 6 Best Portable GPS Trackers For 2024: The Top Pick Will Shock You!

Whether it is a portable pet GPS tracker to keep your pet cat or dog safe or a mini GPS for keeping your loved ones safe, there is no doubt that GPS technology can play a significant role in personal safety. But what is the best portable tracking device? According to online Amazon reviews and our security experts, the top portable tracking device is the SpaceHawk. This GPS vehicle tracker is literally a f**king BEAST that destroys the competition when it comes to anti-theft security, teen tracking, or simply real time tracking of cars, people, or assets. Below is our brief review of our favorite portable GPS tracker, the SpaceHawk, and the entire list of the 6 best portable GPS tracking devices. We hope you enjoy the list!

What Is The Best Portable GPS Tracker?

Out of all the personal and magnetic car trackers we reviewed the SpaceHawk was the best at monitoring vehicles and personal assets. Tile Mate was the best key tracker, and Tractive was the best pet tracker. As one online reviewer said about the SpaceHawk GPS tracker for car and asset protection, "Found out my teen was driving like a complete maniac. Was able to intervene before a potential accident. This LTE car tracker may literally have saved his life!" GPS portable trackers offer many benefits. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, pocket, or luggage, a portable tracking device will allow you to keep your assets and loved ones safe. When the safety of your loved ones is a top priority, a portable tracker is a great investment.

The 6 Best Portable GPS Tracking Devices

SpaceHawk - Best Overall Portable GPS


  • Less Than $100 - Cheaper Than A Private Investigator
  • Realtime Location Refresh Rates Every 3 Seconds
  • Waterproof Magnetic Design For Covert Accurate Tracking

If you are looking for an absolute powerhouse of a mini GPS tracker than SpaceHawk is the portable tracking solution for you. First of all, unlike Apple  AirTags, this device is undetectable and does not use Bluetooth technology for tracking a vehicle's location. Instead, providing pinpoint accurate live GPS data as fast as every 3 seconds- the fastest on the market! And unlike Family1st GPS tracker or the SpyTec GL300 GPS tracker, SpaceHawk does not require any additional accessories such as a waterproof case. Why? Because SpaceHawk is the only mini GPS tracker engineered with a powerful surface magnet and waterproof design. If you want a portable portable GPS tracker trusted by law enforcement agencies and private investigators, look no further than SpaceHawk GPS!

Fun Fact: SpaceHawk is also the #1 ranked GPS tracker for cheating spouse

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LandAirSea GPS 54 - Best Portable GPS Tracker No Monthly Fees

  • Dimensions 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8
  • Mini Magnetic Real Time Car GPS With No Monthly Fees
  • Unlimited Realtime GPS Updates Every 60 Seconds
  • #1 Ranked Portable Car GPS With No Subscription
Portable GPS Tracking Device With No Monthly Fees

    Our pick for the overall best portable GPS tracker with no monthly fees is LandAirSea GPS 54. But why does this magnetic GPS tracker rank above Tile Mate, Spark Nano 7, and other real time tracking devices? First of all, the LandAirSea 4G GPS tracker comes with a full year of service with no monthly subscription fees. That's right! Unlike other portable trackers that can cost as much as $39.95 per month, LandAirSea is the only vehicle GPS tracker that provides unlimited updates every minute for 365 days at no additional cost!

    Smallest Portable GPS Tracking Device

    Another great feature of this portable GPS tracking device is its size. The reality is many of the real time GPS trackers featured on Amazon such as Family 1st GPS and SpyTec GL300 require a waterproof case in order to equip the car tracker on the perimeter of an asset. This significantly increases the footprint of the vehicle tracker. However, LandAirSea is a fully magnetic GPS tracker with a size of 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8. That means it is small enough not to be detected by a driver and does not require any accessories such as a bulky pelican case with a magnet.


    As we mentioned, the small size of the LandAirSea car GPS is a fantastic feature. This results in versatility when it comes to using cases. Simply, place this portable GPS tracking device in a vehicle, child's backpack, or your luggage to find out everywhere the assets go. And if you have multiple GPS locators, you can track them all at the same time using the tracker app which is available for free on the Google Play or Apple store!

    Tracking Features We Love

    • Car GPS Tracking Device With No Subscription Fees
    • Magnetic GPS - No Accessory Case Required
    • Free Technical Support For Life
    • Geo-Fencing & Speed Alert Systems

    Visit Website: https://www.trackingsystemdirect.com/surveillance/gps-tracker-no-service-plan/

    Optimus 3.0 LTE 4G GPS Tracker

    Optimus 3.0 GPS

    • Dimensions 3.11 x 1.5 x 1.75
    • Special Routing Feature For Private Investigators
    • View Vehicle Tracker On Google Maps - Live Traffic & Street View

    An Amazon Choice product in the category of GPS locators, Optimus 3.0 has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating from verified buyers on Amazon. What does that mean exactly? That means the 4G real time GPS tracker is considered one of the better overall portable GPS tracking units on the market today! Now, let's see why Amazon customers like this tracker device, and see what they are saying!

    What's Included With The Purchase?

    Optimus 3.0 comes with a SIM card, battery charger, instruction manual, and USB cable. But unfortunately, the 4G GPS tracker is not water-resistant and does not come with a waterproof case for protection from the elements. That means you will need to invest in an accessory pelican case if you want the tracker hidden under a car and to protect the realtime GPS from water damage. But don't worry because the hidden GPS tracker device along with the accessory case is still very affordable at $49.95 + monthly subscription fees.

    GPS Tracking Users

    If you opt to invest in the waterproof accessory you can use the Optimus 3.0 combo pack for fleet management applications. However, the limited battery life (1-2 weeks) would suggest the best uses for this GPS tracking device be: teen tracking and senior safety applications. For example, vehicles, kids, and seniors can all be tracked with this device, allowing you to know they are safe. But you will need access daily or weekly access to the Optimus 3.0 portable GPS tracker so you can keep the device's battery charged.

    Tracking Features We Love

    • Affordable Monthly Subscription Fee ($19.95 per month)
    • Instant Vehicle Tracking Alerts via Email & SMS
    • Neodymium Magnet Used On Accessory Waterproof Case

    Visit Website: https://optimustracker.com/

    Yepzon Freedom Indoor Tracker

    • Panic SOS Button
    • Key Finder & Pet GPS
    • Real Time GPS Tracker For Kids

    Engineered in India and distributed by an asset tracking company in Finland, Yepzon has built a reputation as a provider of portable tracking solutions for monitoring vehicles, kids, and senior loved ones. Now, let's take a closer look at the Yepzon Freedom GPS and see how it stacks up against other portable tracking devices.

    Indoor & Outdoor GPS Tracking

    Yepzon offers a free mobile app that allows you to get an accurate location on your child or loved ones whether they are indoors or outdoors. This is one of the only location trackers to offer accurate indoor tracking thanks to the utilization of Wi-Fi technology. Most other personal or vehicle tracking devices only use GPS and the truth is a GPS GSM tracker signals can not penetrate dense materials such as metal and concrete. This gives the Yepzon Freedom real time GPS tracking system a competitive advantage over other personal GPS devices.

    SOS Panic Button

    Are you going on a solo trip? Do you worry about where your kids are located? If so, Yepzon Freedom offers a "locator mode" with 3 unique modes that are designed specifically for personal safety. The first mode is designed for solo trips where you can quickly share your real time GPS location. The second mode involves a panic SOS button that sends out an alarm in case you need assistance. The last mode is a "finder's tracker" that is perfect for people who tend to be a little forgetful. Think of seniors who might misplace their car keys!

    Tracking Features We Love

    • Monthly Fee Is Only $4.99
    • Mobile App Does Not Save Private Personal Data
    • Super Small Size For Personal GPS Tracking
    • Geo Fencing & Speed Alert Systems
    • Indoor Location Tracking With Wi-Fi

    Visit Website: https://yepzon.com/

    Tile Mate Portable GPS Tracker - Amazon Best Seller

    • Dimensions: 0.24 x 1.38 x 1.38 inches
    • Amazon Choice For Portable & Pet GPS Tracker
    • BlueTooth Key Finder

    If you want a tracker for cars, trucks, or mobile assets the Tile Mate would not be the series tracker you want. The reason? Tile Mate does not utilize GPS satellite technology. So why does this portable GPS have over 10,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.6 out of 5-star rating? The answer is that it helps people locate their valuables. Let us explain!

    No Monthly Subscription Fees

    Tile Mate has a limited 150 feet range and uses BlueTooth tech to help you locate your missing cell phone, pets, keys, or personal valuables. If you have something important that is lost (and within the 150-foot range) the Tile Mate can ring the missing item! The key finder can even activate your lost phone even if it is set on a "do not disturb" mode! This water-resistant portable tracker might not be a good fit for GPS fleet management situations, but it can be a fantastic asset if you need an affordable phone or key tracker!

    Tracking Features We Love

    • 10,000+ Amazon Verified Reviews (4.6 out of 5 stars)
    • Track Your Mobile Phone Even If It Is On Silent Mode
    • Only $24.95 With No Monthly Subscription Fees

    Visit Website:

    Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker - Best Portable Pet Tracker

    • Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches
    • Mini GPS Attaches To Pet Collar
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    Tractive is the first real time portable pet GPS designed specifically to help you find your cat or dog if they wander off. Unlike the TileMate which has a limited range of only 150 feet, Tractive uses real time GPS tracking that allows you to monitor your pet anywhere in the United States where there is cellular coverage!

    Know Where Your Pet Is 24/7

    Tractive is designed to attach to any pet collar where the mini GPS will then provide real time tracking updates on location 24/7. However, the feature we really love about this portable pet GPS is the geofencing option. This unique pet safety feature allows you to set a safe zone for your dog or cat. If your pet leaves that safety zone you will be notified via text message or email that your pet might be in trouble. This makes it easy to know when your pet is in danger and where they are located! You can even use the pet GPS as evidence if a neighbor accuses your dog of pooping on their lawn!

    Tracking Features We Love

    • Live Tracking & Location History
    • Affordable Monthly Subscription Fee $4.99
    • Best Pet GPS Featured On Amazon

    Visit Website: https://tractive.com/

    Choosing Your Ideal Portable GPS Tracker - 5 Key Features to Consider

    How To Choose A Portable GPS Tracker

    When you're in the market for a portable GPS tracker, you need to ensure it checks off the right boxes. The overwhelming range of options can be narrowed down if you focus on essential features. Moreover, aligning your purchase with your requirements can save you from unnecessary expenses and maximize your tracker's efficiency.

    1. Realtime Tracking Capabilities: Opt for trackers like the SpaceHawk, Tracki GPS or Spytec GPS GL300 that offer realtime location updates, ensuring you have accurate tracking data at your fingertips.
    2. Power Options: Consider devices with a rechargeable battery - that also offer long battery life! For permanent solutions, hardwiring options or OBD GPS connections, like Vyncs GPS tracker, can be handy.
    3. Subscription and Fees: Some devices come with activation fees or annual subscriptions. Assess the long-term costs and benefits, and perhaps consider options with a lifetime warranty.
    4. Additional Vehicle Insights: Trackers with OBDII port connections can provide data on vehicle's health, fuel levels, and more, offering a comprehensive view of your car's condition.
    5. Complementary Features: Many GPS trackers for vehicles, such as the Family1st GPS tracker, offer tracking apps to enhance user experience.

    Remember, it's all about finding the right fit for your needs. Choose wisely!

    Common Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    Hardwired or Portable GPS Tracker - What Option Is Best For Personal Use?

    If you want a car GPS tracker to monitor teen driving or a wireless GPS tracker to keep a watchful eye on a wandering senior, a portable GPS tracker would be the best option for personal use. Portable GPS tracking devices are versatile, allowing you to track ATVs, vehicles, valuable items, kids, pets, luggage, and anything that is important to you. Hard-wired GPS trackers tend to be used for long-term tracking or fleet tracking applications. According to the security experts GPS Tracker Shop, most consumers invest in portable GPS tracking devices.

    Is There A Significant Difference In Monthly Subscription Costs Among These Trackers?

    Yes, monthly subscription costs do vary. The LandAirSea GPS 54 stands out with no monthly fees for a year, while others, like Tractive and Yepzon Freedom, offer affordable fees around $4.99. It's essential to assess the tracking features you need against the subscription plan to determine the best value.

    Is It Illegal To GPS Track Someone Without Them Knowing?

    Yes, it's generally illegal to track someone's car without them knowing. In many places, tracking someone without their knowledge or consent is considered an invasion of privacy or stalking. It's essential to be aware of local laws before using a GPS tracker on someone's vehicle or personal belongings.

    How Can You Tell If Someone Put A Tracker On Your Car?

    Start with a thorough visual inspection. Check areas like the undercarriage, behind the car seat, and in the trunk. Pay attention to any loose or hanging wires, which might be from an extension cable. Don't forget the OBDII port! Some trackers plug right into this onboard diagnostics port.

    Is There An App That Can Detect A Tracking Device?

    Yes, there are apps! Many tracking apps double as detection tools. These apps can sense the signals emitted by trackers, helping identify their presence. One such example is the Live GPS Search app. You intrigued? But remember, always cross-check with manual inspection. Sometimes, a dash cam might even inadvertently capture someone tampering with your vehicle!

    Can I Use A Portable GPS Tracking Device For Long-Term Tracking?

    Portable GPS trackers are great for catching a cheating spouse, monitoring a reckless teenage driver, or keeping an eye on an at-risk senior loved one. However, portable GPS tracking devices have limited battery life so if you want a secretly track a car for longer than 6 months we would recommend a hard-wired or OBD2 GPS tracker.

    Is Technical Support Available For Portable GPS Trackers?

    Portable realtime GPS trackers are small, water-resistant, and user-friendly devices. However, they are considered a technology product and that can mean a slight learning curve for some users. One of the reasons we chose SpaceHawk GPS car tracker as our overall favorite portable GPS tracker was that the product is backed by technical support for the life of the product. Technical support agents are available by email and phone 5 days a week. The manufacturer even offers a helpful YouTube channel dedicated to common support questions. Many of the other realtime GPS tracking devices on the market such as Family1st and Tracki only offer email support where your questions won't get a response until 24-48 hours.

    Are There GPS Trackers With Extended Battery Life For Long-Term Tracking?

    Yes, while many portable trackers are designed for short-term tracking due to battery limitations, there are trackers available with extended battery life suitable for long-term use. If tracking for more than six months is needed, considering hard-wired or OBD2 GPS trackers would be a smart move.

    Final Thoughts

    In 2024, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and valuables has never been easier. From the robust SpaceHawk, hailed as a game-changer for vehicle and asset monitoring, to the pet-focused Tractive, the market offers diverse options. Each GPS tracker has unique features, like LandAirSea's no monthly fee system and Yepzon Freedom's indoor tracking capability. If you're budget-conscious, Tile Mate stands out with its affordability and rave Amazon reviews. Remember, while portable trackers are excellent for short-term monitoring, those seeking long-term solutions should consider hard-wired models. In conclusion, whatever your tracking needs, there's a device tailored for you. Embrace this technology and enjoy peace of mind.

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